CLIA Recognizes Global Cruise Industry Crew on 2020 International Day of the Seafarer

(WASHINGTON, DC, 25 June 2020) -Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the
world’s largest cruise industry trade organization, is paying tribute to the dedicated and hard-working
seafarers all around the world on the tenth anniversary of the International Day of the Seafarer.

Celebrated on June 25th, this year’s theme “Seafarers are Key Workers” acknowledges
the many sacrifices and achievements of seafarers.

Employing a truly global workforce, CLIA cruise lines are proud of the 225,000 seafarers who sail year after
year. The cruise industry strives to provide a high-quality work environment for its seafarers, who regularly go
above and beyond to provide cruise passengers with extraordinary vacations.

“Exceptional vacation experiences at sea would not be possible without outstanding crew members,”
said Kelly Craighead, president and CEO of Cruise Lines International Association. “The industry is deeply
appreciative of our seafarers, whose care for passengers was more critical than ever as CLIA ocean-going member
cruise ships returned to port following the worldwide suspension of cruise operations.”

Status of Repatriation of Crew Members

CLIA cruise line members are working around the clock to care for the well-being of crewmembers who remain
onboard and to facilitate, in collaboration with local governments and ports, a safe return home for crew
members scheduled for repatriation.

“Though CLIA cruise lines have successfully repatriated thousands of crewmembers to date thanks to the
ports and governments that have allowed access and safe harbor for cruise ships, these efforts have proven
extremely complex, made even more complicated by differing policies across the many countries represented by the
diverse cruise ship workforce, ” said Adam Goldstein, Chairman of Cruise Lines International
Association. “We support the Seafarers Bill of Rights and call on all governments to do the same by
helping to bring our valued crew members home.”

Facts About Cruise Industry Seafarers

  • Cruise lines invest heavily to attract the best people, offering an extremely competitive package of wages
    and benefits as well as training for crew members to perform jobs skillfully and advance on a rewarding
    career path.
  • The cruise industry is proud to report that the thousands of employed crew members are very satisfied with
    current jobs and opportunities for career advancement. In fact, employee retention rates in the cruise
    industry are upwards of 80 percent.
  • Cruise lines compete for talented crewmembers, offering customized and competitive terms within the strict
    requirements of the MLC. For every single job opening, cruise lines can receive up to 100 applicants.

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